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Want to ensure your students have the skills they need to succeed in college and in a career? Start an FBLA chapter and help your students develop the leadership skills and business knowledge they need to excel in any career.


Your students will prepare for college and careers through a variety of leadership, community service, and academic activities.

A big thank you to RI General Treasurer Seth Magaziner who joined us at the March 2nd State Leadership Conference as the Keynote Speaker!


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2015 – 2016

In consultation with the RI State Officers* and Advisers 


1. Promote a diverse student membership to increase members and chapters. 

2. Increase participation in Chapter Community Service Activities. 

3. Develop specific tasks specifically to strengthen the state organization in membership and, community service. 

4. Encourage participation in the annual State Leadership Conference.

5. Continue to improve the website and promote FBLA via the website and Twitter.

6. Promote business involvement at conferences and competitive events.

7. Continue Office Training for state and chapter officers.

8. Identify fundraising activities with the state officers.

9. Encourage state and national officer opportunities and NLC participation.

10. Encourage membership in the Professional Division.

11. Promote and help raise money for the March of Dimes, the National Program Initiative, and encourage chapters to participate in the annual “walk” for MOD.  

12. Continue to partner with Johnson & Wales University, sponsor of FBLA’s annual student scholarships and admissions support. 

*See state officer bios for 2015-2016!